Friday, February 17, 2017

Latte Living Room

Hi and Welcome to my little corner!

I'm new to creating CC for Sims 4 so this is my first recolor available for download for anybody who wants it.

Special thanks to the awesome, amazingly talented, and generous creators whose meshes I've used to create this living room set.

All credit goes to the awesome creators who created the meshes I used to create this set! Thank you for generously sharing your hard work and allow recoloring!

Leaning Floor Mirror & Wall Shelf with Deco Items (includes mesh)
      TS4 Conversion by MichelleAB
      TS2 Original Mesh by Padre66

Deco Bicycle Clock (includes mesh)
      Mesh by 13 Pumpkins

Wall Clock (includes mesh)
      TS4 Conversion by MichelleAB

Wrought Iron Candle Holder with Candle (includes mesh)
      TS4 Conversion by 13 Pumpkins
      TS2 Original Mesh by AnYe

Leather Pouf (includes mesh)
      Mesh by EA (Requires Spa Day)

Wooden Heart Wall Hanging (includes mesh)
      Mesh By EA (Base Game)

Painting (includes mesh)
      Mesh by EA (Base Game)

Stacked Books (includes mesh)
      Mesh by EA (Base Game)

Floor Plant (includes mesh)
      Mesh by EA (Base Game)

Flowers (includes mesh)
      Mesh by EA (Base Game)

Console Table (Mesh Required)
     Mesh by Simsational Designs - Myra Living Set Here

Coffee Table (Mesh Required) 
     Mesh by Pilar - Christmas 2015 Set Here

Pillows - Brown & White (Meshes Required)
     Mesh by Severinka - Santorini Set Here and Here

Pillow - Gray with Words (Mesh Required)
     Mesh by SIMcredible - That's the Spirit Set Here

Sofa (Mesh Required)
     Mesh by SIMcredible - Summer Illusion Set Here

Cabinet (Mesh Required)
     Mesh by Pilar - Collectors Dining Set Here

Wood Faith Block Letters (Mesh Required)
      Mesh by Soloriya - Shubby DIY Set Here


Rug - EA, City Living Expansion Pack (Enlarged 1x)
Flowers on Console Table - EA, Dine Out Expansion Pack
Wood Bird Deco - 13 Pumpkins
Coffee Table Clutter - Coffee Cup (BuffSumm), Book with glasses (LindseyxSims)
Window Shutters - Angela @ TSR
Brick Wall - Englechen
Concrete Wall K-Hippie
Floor - Angela @ TSR