About Me

Hi and welcome to my little creative nest!

I'm female and live in Ohio with my daughter and 2 blonde fur-babies!

I've loved The Sims since the original game and used to make CC for TS1.

When TS2 came out I was busy going to school and working and had no free time to learn to create even tho I own TS2 and all expansion/stuff packs for it.

When TS3 came along I really enjoyed the ability to basically color/retexture anything you wanted in game so I never learned to create anything for it since I can't make new meshes and you could customize it how you wanted.

A few weeks ago I reinstalled  TS4 on my new PC and got the creator bug again.

So, here you will find all my CC and recolors for Sims 4. Right now I'm just starting out, so you'll find mostly recolors. But, I hope to someday learn how to convert TS2 & TS3 objects and eventually learn how to do some basic meshing to create my own simple objects.

Take a look around and hopefully you'll find something you can't live without!

Happy Simming!

~ Chicklet ~

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