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After checking the stats on my blog, I have decided to remove all downloads. People in The Sims community are not like they used to be. Now, they're very unappreciative and can't take 30 seconds out of their day to say a simple thank you for a gift that was offered freely to them.

Creating brings enjoyment to me, I like to see what something looked like before and what it looks like after I put my touch on it, I wanted to share with others because I thought maybe someone else would want these items in their game.

In the two months I've be sharing my creations, over 8,000 people have downloaded my stuff, and only one person has said thanks, ONE! That's pretty pathetic, don't you think?

I don't do it for the popularity, I could give a shit less about that. I'm not the greatest, I know this, but I still offered my things for free. I still took my own free time to create something, and paid RL money each month to a file share site so that people could download my things for free without ad sites like Ad-Fly simply to share with people. So, in essence, I was PAYING to have you grab my creations and only one person said thanks.

From now on, I'll simply make things for my own game or share with the few people who will appreciate the time, effort, and money I put into it.

So, remember this, the next time you're downloading from another creator, a simple 30 second post to say thank you goes a long way.

~ Chicklet ~

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  1. Доброго Вам дня!Зашла случайно в Ваш блог,по ссылке с другого сайта,и прочла Ваше обращение к пользователям...Я всего 4 месяца как установила игру,и только недавно начала пользоваться дополнительными материалами,мало чего знаю и умею..)Жаль конечно,что ТАКИЕ ЗАМЕЧАТЕЛЬНЫЕ МАТЕРИАЛЫ теперь не доступны для скачивания,но Вы абсолютно правы,и я Вас понимаю...Вы создали очень красивые вещи,очень оригинальные,и Спасибо Вам за это!!! И КАК БЫ ТАМ НЕ БЫЛО ВЫ ТВОРЕЦ,Я ЖЕЛАЮ ВАМ ВДОХНОВЕНИЯ И НОВЫХ ИДЕЙ,ВСЯЧЕСКОГО ДОБРА,ЗДОРОВЬЯ И ПРОЦВЕТАНИЯ!!! ВСЕХ ВАМ БЛАГ,ПУСТЬ ВАМ ВО ВСЕМ СОПУТСТВУЕТ УДАЧА!!! и СПАСИБО за Ваш труд!)) Простите,не знаю английский,но думаю вы поймете...)