My CC/Custom Content

Please DO NOT Re-Upload my items to other sites to be downloaded! Please link everyone back here!

Feel free to recolor or use my textures on any of your creations, but please respect the Policy/TOU of the individual creator whose mesh I have used to create my CC.

Note: Most of the meshes used in my creations are not my own! For the most part, I do simple recolors of other awesome and generous creators who allow recoloring of their items. 

Conversions I have done may be freely recolored and the mesh can be included in your packages. But, please credit the original mesh creator for their hard work since they created it, and all I did was make it compatible for TS4.

Any mesh that I myself have made, can also be recolored and the mesh can be included with credit. A link back to my blog is appreciated, but not required. (I promise I won't hunt you down and hang you by your toes!)

If a creator allows their mesh to be packaged with recolors, then the mesh will be included in my CC. If the creator does NOT allow their meshes to be included with recolors, then a link will be given as to where you can obtain the original mesh so that my CC will show up in your game.

Some of my CC items are simply recolors of EA game content and do not replace any EA items in your game. I do have all expansion packs and stuff packs installed on my computer and I will indicate what expansion pack may be needed for any of my CC to work in your game.

You are free to include my items in your houses, as long as the original creator of the mesh allows it.

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